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High praise for Paddon's hijinks

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"It's abundantly clear there's no topic that Paddon can't put his signature twist on," so says Inderjit Deogun in his review of Half the Lies You Tell Are Not True. A great appreciation of Dave Paddon and Duncan Major's wonderful collaboration.

Here's a link to the full review:

A gem of a review of Lori Doody's MALLARD, MALLARD, MOOSE

"Mallard, Mallard, Moose is a gem you don't want to miss," writes Courtney Crocker in CM Magazine.  We couldn't agree more!Here's a link to her full review:

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From ‘The Weather in Town’ to ‘SuperNan’: Dave Paddon on the lies he loves to tell

A little something funny about each of Dave Paddon’s thirteen recitations in his new book Half the Lies You Tell Are Not True.1. FOG. Is the east side of Placentia Bay really the foggiest place anywhere? Dave admits that “people dispute that and there’s a little bit of history there.” The fog in this recitation [...]

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The birds of Lori Doody's picture books

Two mallards, an improbability of puffins, a goose, and a chicken: there’s a story attached to each of the birds Lori Doody imagines into her children’s books.The Puffin ProblemDoody said she was inspired by the horror-thriller film The Birds (directed by Alfred Hitchcock, 1963) when she created the first of two bright and funny bird-based [...]

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A great review of HALF THE LIES

In her review of Dave Paddon and Duncan Major's new book, Half the Lies You Tell Are Not True,  Joan Sullivan of the Telegram, makes clear that "Dave Paddon’s writing appears to be all crowd-pleasing antics, but like all artistry that seems 'easy,' it’s embedded in the most thoughtful and delicate craftsmanship."Here's a link to [...]

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Bologna Children's Book Fair 2018

What an amazing experience!  Veselina Tomova of Vis-a-vis Graphics, who works closely with the press, and Marnie Parsons are attending the Bologona Children's Book Fair from March 26-29. The fair is a veritable feast of remarkable children's books from across the globe. And Bologna, the city, offers an entirely other, and equally delicious, feast.  We [...]

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Meet Veselina Tomova: Where discoveries happen

Here's a link to a wonderful profile of illustrator/artist Veselina Tomova. It was created by Bojan Furst for The Independent, NL's alternative online paper, and is shared here with his kind permission.!

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The Story of Baxter, the Abino Mynah Bird

There’s no character at all like Baxter—the little albino mynah bird Mary gives to Jack—in the stories that inspired Jack & Mary in the Land of Thieves. Baxter appeared as an answer to a plot problem. Author Andy Jones wanted to adapt a story about love and betrayal for children. But he wanted to [...]

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Behind the Scenes with Andy Jones in the Land of Thieves

There’s this tale-type that always intrigued Andy Jones. It goes like this: a woman dresses up as a man in order to set things right after being falsely accused of being unfaithful to her husband. It’s the way this tale-type plays with ideas about gender roles that appealed to him. “It’s always interesting how successful [...]

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The first review of MALLARD, MALLARD, MOOSE is in!

We were delighted to see a warm review of Lori Doody's forthcoming book, Mallard, Mallard, Moose in Kirkus Reviews.  As the review notes: "Babysitting, or in this case, ducksitting is not for everyone - especially if you are a moose."  Lori Doody's third  picture book is as charming and delightful as its predecessors.  There's lots of [...]

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