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Halley Day in Tors Cove

August 2, 2014 was the 314th anniversary of the arrival of Edmond Halley (the astronomer and geophysicist for whom Halley’s comet was named) in Tors Cove, then Toads Cove. At the end of a prolonged scientific voyage, Halley came to Tors Cove looking for fresh water and wood, and was greeted with gunfire. Apparently, local [...]

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Grand Opening of the Printshop on June 29th, 2014

After months of settling in, we launched Running the Goat’s new workspace on Cove Road in Tors Covewith words and music and good spirits on Sunday, June 29th.There were printing demonstrations by Duncan Major and Rachel Dragland; readings by Bernice Morgan, Don McKay, Tom Dawe, Agnes Walsh, and Andy Jones; tunes from Rick West and [...]

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