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New BookBit: Three Servings - A Second Helping

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It's here at last!  The new expanded edition of THREE SERVINGS, featuring all the original material, and lots more tasty morsels.

To celebrate the release of the new book, we had a wonderful meal (boiled dinner, of course) and a launch at the Ship Pub in downtown St. John's.  Here's the delightful bookbit that Michelle Porter made to capture some of that magical evening.

The Poetry of Tyrants

Bad poetry? Probably written by a tyrant or villain, according to Andy Jones, author of Jack and the Green Man, the first chapter book in his Jack tales series. “The Green Man is that kind of powerful tyrant who has no sense of nobility, no sense of obligation to anyone but himself. “Even his poetry: [...]

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In Farmers' Times

The illustrations in Jack and the Green Man offer a rare glimpse of a visual style that was part of southeastern Europe before the Former Yugoslavia fell apart, before the war and the fall of communism changed the area forever.That European link is part of the history of Newfoundland fairy tales, says writer and performer [...]

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Behind the Scenes with Andy Jones in the Land of Thieves

There’s this tale-type that always intrigued Andy Jones. It goes like this: a woman dresses up as a man in order to set things right after being falsely accused of being unfaithful to her husband. It’s the way this tale-type plays with ideas about gender roles that appealed to him. “It’s always interesting how successful [...]

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