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  • Peg Bearskin: A traditional Newfoundland tale
Adapted by Andy Jones and Philip Dinn, and illustrated by Denise Gallagher

Peg Bearskin: A traditional Newfoundland tale (revised edition)


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Adapted by Andy Jones and Philip Dinn

from a story told by Mrs. Elizabeth Brewer

with new illustrations by Denise Gallagher


and Peg lay down on the floor, but she couldn't sleep. She twisted and turned all night, just couldn't get to sleep. There was something bad about that place, she could feel it right down into her bones. So she got up and she walked around the old woman's house. Now, she soon knew that the old woman was a witch, for in her kitchen she found a decanter that could never be emptied. She poured wine into it, turned it upside down, the wine flowed and flowed and flowed. Water same thing, milk same thing. Flowed and flowed. Never stopped. Then out in the barn, she found a lantern that could shine a half mile light. You didn't have to fill it. You didn't have to light it. All you had to do was touch it, and it shone for a half a mile. And touch it Peg did, and it shone for half a mile ...


Peg's big, ugly, and hairy, yes, but she's also smart enough and brave enough to outsmart a witch, help a king, and find husbands for her two beautiful sisters and for herself. This brilliant re-take on a classic folktale from Placentia Bay, Newfoundland will have readers of all ages cheering for Peg. And falling for her too!

The story is now available in this bright and beautiful new edition. Maintaining Dinn and Jones's original adapted text, with all of its playful wit and delightful musicality, this new book features all new illustrations by Louisiana-based Denise Gallagher. Their fun, folksy flavour breathes new life into the story, and reminds us that Peg is a heroine for all places and all times.

The previous edition of this story, now out of print, was named to the International Youth Library's 2004 White Ravens List and was shortlisted for the 2004/05 Hackmatack Award.


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BookBits: Peg Bearskin with Andy Jones 02:13

The remarkable actor and writer Andy Jones talks about the new edition of Peg Bearskin, featuring sharp, modern, and beautiful illustrations by artist Denise Gallagher. Peg Bearskin is a traditional Newfoundland folktale. RUNNINGTHEGOAT.COM "No matter what age you are THAT STORY REALLY GRIPS YOU," said writer and actor Andy Jones. "If I’ve got a bunch of kids who may not be that interested, I start with that story and then I've always got them. Right away, it’s serious.”

  • BookBits: Peg ...
    The remarkable actor and writer Andy Jones talks about the new...

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9 x 9
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February 2019

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