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Visitors to the Shop

Over the years, many people have dropped by the print shop to help out, learn to set type, give the handpress a go, or just take a tour.  Here’s a rogues’ gallery, featuring some of them. (Note: many of these photos show our first facility on Mullock Street in St. John’s.)

Want to join this motley crew?  Drop by! Visitors are always welcome; you can find directions and details here.  Interested in workshops, volunteer opportunities or group tours? Contact the press.

visitors-abbie.jpgvisitors-amos.jpgvisitors-brian.jpgvisitors-rodney.jpgvisitors-crispin.jpgvisitors-rosanna.jpg visitors-agnes-bernice-frances-ml.jpgvisitors-agnes-j-o.jpg visitors-andy-cw-class.jpgvisitors-craft-alliance.jpgvisitors-jennifer-e1442357178617.jpgvisitors-duncan-heidi-e1405795460699.jpgvisitors-jan-elsted.jpgvisitors-mary-anne-cree.jpgvisitors-rachel.jpgvisitors-don.jpgvisitors-ellen-power.jpg