A is for Accordion

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3 x 3
ISBN 0968871240
Publication date:
December, 2001

by Marnie Parsons and Rachel Dragland

A is for Accordion
Boy, don’t i wish i could play it
or the Concertina

So begins this alphabetic narrative about accordions, alcohol and the amusical mix thereof. This book reads in two directions – one direction is alphabetic, the other a drunken ramble set against a long, long list of fine and no-so-fine wines. What began as indignities to a friend’s accordion one Christmas season became a Christmas gift for family and friends the next, and has since ended up the first in what we (perhaps rather too optimistically) hope will be a very occasional series of accordion books or, more likely, of alphabet books.

Printed in an edition limited to 75, numbered by the printer. Various types are used, including 12pt Baskerville and wood type, as are six colours of ink. The papers are Environment Text; the cover is red cloth over board, with black leather handles and gold “buttons.” Concertina-style binding.