Always Good

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6 x 6
Publication Date:
October, 2008

The plates are cold…..

This quirky poemphlet, “Always Good” includes a found poem taken from Collin’s Pocket Interpreters:Italian, edited by Isopel May. This poem/list of suggested phrases to use in restaurants includes English, Italian and phoneticized Italian, as well as an obliquely apt block print. See how warm a welcome you receive, once you’ve brushed up on this Italian. A perfect gift for all the beleaguered waiters and waitresses in your life!

Printed on Environment text, with a cover of Fabriano paper; the text is set in Fournier, the titling is Cheltenham. Presswork done by Rosanna Pierson and Marnie Parsons at Running the Goat. Handsewn.

Photos by Ned Pratt.