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8 1/4 x 5 3/4
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May, 2012


by Dave Paddon
illustrations by Duncan Major

Uncle Jim Buckle and his new woman Dot
Like to pick berries, they like it a lot.
And the same could be said for Ross and Bill Barbour,
Two brothers who also lived in our harbour.
– from Berries

Dave Paddon’s recitation starts out mildly enough, but soon there’s an all-out berry-picking war, and utter mayhem results.  It seems that not even the intervention of our hapless narrator can set things to right.

With bears, boots and berries galore, Duncan Major’s original illustrations are as delightfully witty as ever.

Printed in nine colours and hand-tinted, this chapbook is – both literally and metaphorically – Dave and Duncan’s most colourful collaboration yet. 

The text papers were Velké Losiny Moravia, handmade in Czechoslovakia; the endpapers are Moriki Kozo, and the cover papers are Canal paper from St.-Armand in Montréal.

The text was set by hand in Fournier by Ellen Power and Marnie Parsons, and letterpress printed in a varied edition of not more than 385 copies.  The double-page illustration was printed on an 1830s Imperial iron handpress; the rest of the work was done on a Vandercook proof press from the 1960s.

Presswork, hand-tinting and binding were completed at Running the Goat Press.