Between You and the Weather

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5 x 4 ½
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July, 2008

by Mary Dalton
with original woodengravings by Wesley W. Bates

I’m a small bass fiddle,
king of the slime,
the plague’s first note.

Twenty-six tiny gems, these riddle poems pick up where the sequence of riddle poems in Dalton’s much lauded Red Ledger left off. In beautifully crafted language, they tease readers, making everyday things strange and new. Dalton is reaching back to an ancient riddling tradition, but also engaging in a more contemporary and local one: the oral traditions of her home, where riddles and language itself have long been a form of entertainment. Puzzling and rich, these poems are very much of their place, and are sure to delight and engage.
Two original wood engravings by Wesley W. Bates were commissioned for this book, as was an engraving of a press goat.

The copyright for the wood engravings is held by Wesley W. Bates.

The type is 14 pt Fournier; the text paper is Zerkall Book, the end papers Moriki Kozo, and the cover paper St-Armand Canal paper. Presswork by Marnie Parsons, with the kind help of John Haney and Duncan Major; binding by Marnie Parsons, Rachel Dragland and Rosanna Pierson.

Printed in an edition limited to 150 copies, signed and numbered by the author.