Capelin Weather

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9 x 7
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June, 2017
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3 to 7
Juvenile Fiction:
Science & Nature / Weather

Capelin Weather

by Lori Doody

"Kate was excited for the start of summer.  But the weather wasn't very good. The forecast kept calling for rain, drizzle, and fog."
  • Included in the Canadian Children's Book Centre's Best Books for Kids and Teens (Autumn 2017)

In this utterly charming picture book, Lori Doody tells the story of Kate, a little girl very eager for the fun of summer to begin, but whose plans for bonfires and picnics are squelched by relentless rain, drizzle, and fog. In simple language and with bright, playful illustrations, Doody captures perfectly the achingly long pause that Newfoundlanders know so well as they await the capelin (small food fish) whose arrival is said to signal the return of summer and good weather to the island's shores.

Young listeners will have fun finding capelin, or the creatures that eat them, hidden in some of the illustrations. Capelin Weather is an engaging introduction to Newfoundland for other young readers - with whales, icebergs, and those beautiful silvery capelin that cause such a stir when they arrive on the beaches.

A wonderful celebration of Newfoundland weather, for those who live under it and for those who live away. This book will be an instant hit for Newfoundlanders at home and abroad, and will resonate with any reader who knows what it's like to long for summer's warmth.

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What folks are saying

"Beautifully illustrated, Capelin Weather - a book where imagination and story meet, a delight for readers of any age." – Joan Clark, author of Snow, and Thomasina and the Trout Tree, and of An Audience of Chairs and The Birthday Lunch

"Some books coming out of smaller presses are unfortunately immediately discounted, but Capelin Weather proves that, when given a chance, these small presses can sometimes create magic." – Alex Mathewson, in CM Magazine (Read the full review.)

"Both children and adults will relate to Kate’s countdown and anxious anticipation of the upcoming summer, and all the fun that follows." – Lyla Hage, in Atlantic Books Today (Read the full review.)

"Newfoundland and Labrador is a wonderful place for children to grow up. They have the opportunity to enjoy everything the great outdoors has to offer, from the land to the sea. Spring, however, can be a bit challenging to get outside, as Lori Doody's book so creatively explains. The book is fun, colourful, and educational. Enjoy!" – Ryan Snoddon, (former) CBC-NL meteorologist

"From her story to her boldly-coloured art, Lori Doody gets the flavour just right..." – Helen Kubiw, on CanLit for LittleCanadians  (Read the full review.)