Card Game, The

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September, 2015

The Card Game

A recitation by Dave Paddon
with original linocut illustrations by Duncan Major

I’d like to relate to you the story of Dave,
A kind of a weekend bayman who used to be brave.
He’d tackle a bouncer or wrestle a bear,
Said a punt through a storm with a latte held near.

He climbed Everest a few times by various routes
Without any oxygen, and once without boots!
But then came the card game in Blasty Cove West —
And now Dave ain’t so brave, Dave is not at his best.

This hilarious new recitation tells of a game of 120s gone terribly, terribly wrong. With his usual wit and verve, Dave Paddon reminds readers that townies best think twice before sitting down to a game of cards around the bay.

Once again Duncan Major’s wry linocuts help bring this wonderfully tall tale to life.

The text papers were Velké Losiny Moravia, handmade in Czechoslovakia; the endpapers are Moriki Kozo, and the cover papers are Canal paper from St.-Armand in Montréal.

The text was set by hand in Fournier, and letterpress printed in an edition of 400. Presswork, hand-tinting, and binding were completed at Running the Goat Press.


Check out the great video below; "Spinning Yarns" features Dave Paddon, Dave Penny and Kelly Russell talking about the revival of recitations and storytelling in St. John's. A gorgeous production, included here with the kind permission of Executive Producer Riel Warrilow.

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