Chapel Street Torque

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13 1/8 x 6
Publication date:
September, 2002

by Michael Crummey

with original illustration by Gerald L. Squires

This poem, originally published in Salvage, is Michael Crummey’s beautiful reflection on the street where he lived in downtown St. John’s. The companion image is pure Squires, and the whole is a stunning blend of word and image.

This was the first in our poemphlet series – a collaborative coming together of writer, artist and printer. I solicited a poem from Michael and asked Squires to respond to it, rather than illustrate it. The resulting image was made into a photoengraving that could be printed on the printing press. Poem and image reside together, gather and exchange meanings. The shape and feel and look of the whole grow out of that exchange.

Printed in an edition limited to 150 copies, numbered and signed by author and artist.The type is 13pt Bembo, hand-set by Marnie Parsons. The papers are Arches Text, with Sagami endpapers and Classic Linen cover. Hand-sewn.