Ghost Poems

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September, 2001

by Carmelita McGrath 

My father’s ghost, while my father still lived,
haunted a corner of Bond and Bannerman
and held the better part of a century inside him.
But he was frail and I fearful too long,
returned in grief for the elixir of his memories
to find him gone.

In her introduction to Ghost Poems, Carmelita McGrath writes, “These poems come out of a world of stories and tellers some of whom have been silenced, but may well be still talking around the woodstoves of paradise during the long nights of eternity.” The ten poems gathered in this slim collection are steeped in the lore McGrath heard growing up in Branch, Newfoundland. Beautifully evocative and deeply moving, they evince a way of looking at the world that is now almost lost.

The first chapbook, in fact the first extended project, undertaken by the press, Ghost Poems was a learning experience in every respect. It was printed with type in the collection of Tara Bryan at her walking bird press, and under Tara’s kind tutelage. Making it was a joy and a challenge – proof that there was much to learn about printing and that there would be great satisfaction in the learning.

Printed in two editions; both are in 12 pt Baskerville hand-set by Marnie Parsons.

The fine paper edition limited to 100 copies signed by the author; printed on Environment Text with Sagami endpapers and Pearl Ungeishi cover. Hand-sewn.

Plain paper edition was printed on Environment Text. Saddle-stitched.