I Built A Cabin

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10 x 8
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May 9, 2023
For Readers:
4 to 8
Juvenile Fiction:

Expected release date is 2023 May 9th

I Built A Cabin

Written by Sara Jewell, and illustrated by Charlotte Manning.

On the first day in my cabin
far away from the cars and the crowds
at the edge of the woods
on the bank of the river
I sat on the front porch
to listen to the wind and the waves
and I heard...
Chomp chomp
Munch munch
Crack crack
Knock knock 

Eager for some peace and quiet, the main character of this tale in verse moves to the woods and builds a little cabin getaway. She’s found the perfect retreat—or so she thinks until she meets her neighbours: an array of loud and lively creatures who crunch and crack and hoot their way into her life. 

Young listeners will delight in the animals’ playful antics and learn a bit about life in the wild.