Jack and the Manger (audio book)

Publication date:
November 5, 2019
For listeners:
6 and up
Juvenile Fiction:
Holidays & Celebrations / Christmas & Advent

and before you know it there were people going up and down every road in the land from where they was at, a'wards where they was born to.

 And walkin down one of those roads was a very famous person. You probably know the name - yes, that's right, his name was Jack, and he was from a town called the Mount of Pearls, which was just outsida Bethlehem.

Now available in audio format: Andy Jones and Darka Erdelji's award-winning Christmas story!

Written and read by Andy Jones

Jack and the Manger retells the story of Jesus’s birth as if it were a Newfoundland folktale. It’s all seen through the eyes of Jack, the hero of many a story, who befriends a young couple on their walk to Bethlehem. There’s a bit of ‘angel talk’, some gravel pit camping, an edge-of-your-seat birth drama, and the low-down on how Caesar Augustus’s ‘count-and-tax plan’ brought them all together. It’s a down-to-earth version of a heavenly tale.

Gentle, playful, and very funny, Jack and the Manger is a fine Christmas tale for young and old alike. It was a Christmas sensation in St. John’s when it was first published. Now you can enjoy Jones's brilliant reading any time.

Jack and the Manger was recorded and engineered by Chris Brookes of Battery Radio, and features music by Christina Smith.

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Want the print version too? You can find it here.