Mr. Beagle and the Georgestown Mystery (ebook)

Number of pages:
Publication date:
September 2021
For readers:
3 to 7
Juvenile Fiction:
Mysteries and Detective Stories
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Mr. Beagle and the Georgestown Mystery

by Lori Doody

It seemed a cat burglar had been breaking into houses all over Georgestown. The strange thing was, the thief wasn't stealing valuables like piggy banks or art. No, the thief was only taking storybooks!

When he decides to visit his cousin Georgie, Mr. Beagle is not looking for a new mystery to solve—but he finds one none the less. Books have been going missing in the neighborhood, and not just any books… storybooks. Of course, Mr. Beagle’s keen nose and sharp eyes help him find the answer.

In this delightful picture book, a follow-up to Mr. Beagle Goes to Rabbittown, Lori Doody has her quirky canine sleuth solve a new puzzle and celebrates the importance of stories in the lives of us all.

This ebook includes ALT descriptions of illustrations.

What folks are saying

Mr. Beagle learns to never judge a book by its cover in his latest engaging mystery. ~ Kirkus (read the full review)

With the whimsy of its bold lines and shapes and the vibrancy of its colours and characters, Mr. Beagle and the Georgestown Mystery gives readers a lesson in ignoring appearances and stereotypes and celebrates the benefits of embracing all for the betterment of all. I'd say that's another victory and mystery solved for Mr. Beagle. ~ Helen Kubiw, CanLit for LittleCanadians (read the full review)


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