Nutaui's Cap

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9 x 9
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November 2019
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6 to 12
Juvenile Nonfiction:
People & Places / Canada / Indigenous

Nutaui's Cap

by Bob Bartel

with illustrations by Mary Ann Penashue

translated by Stella Rich, Sebastian Piwas, and Mani Katinen Nuna, with Laurel Anne Hasler, Penash Rich, and Marguerite MacKenzie

Without warning, a deafening boom drove us to the ground, even Nutaui. I heard my heart pound hard against my chest. Seconds later another earsplitting blast struck us.


  • Shortlisted, SK/Ministry of Culture, Recreation, and Sport First Book Award 2021

  • Finalist, Next Generation Indie Book Awards (Children’s Picture Book Non Fiction, All Ages) 2021

When low-level flying by NATO jets upsets their way of life, Nanass, a young Innu girl, is eager to join her father and the other members of her Sheshatshiu community in protest. Then her father and other protesters are arrested.

Nanass has little to comfort her, except her father’s well-worn ball cap and the promise of the land itself that the Innu people will one day triumph.

Nutaui’s Cap has been translated into two dialects of Innu-aimun, which appear alongside the English; it includes a glossary, map, and backgrounder to tell more of the Innu’s story.

This book is a co-publication by  Mamu Tshishkutamashutau Innu Education  and Running the Goat, Books & Broadsides

Also available as an ebook.

What folks are saying

"Though the events of Nutaui's Cap occurred decades before its intended readers were born, the book's contents need to be shared with all young Canadians during this time of renewed efforts at restitution and reconciliation with Canada's original peoples." ~ Dave Jenkinson, CM: Canadian Review of Materials

" ... a powerful and passionate picture book .... about protest and how important it is for young people to be activists." ~ Jeffrey Canton, The Globe and Mail