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Susan M. MacDonald (CA)

Edge of Time: Tyron Collective 1

Edge of Time: Tyron Collective 1

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Someone wants Alec dead. Someone who can invade innocent bystanders, bending their will to his, forcing them to murder. Someone who can travel through multiple dimensions, has powers beyond Earthly experience, and knows everything Alec knows. How do you fight someone like that? Riley is a target too. And like Alec, a target of more than just someone. The Tyons have come to Earth too, looking for kids like Riley and Alec. Kids with special genetic traits they aren’t even aware of and don’t know how to control. It’s a race against time. Will someone find them all first and kill them, or do they have the edge needed to save themselves, and more importantly, the world?

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Susan M. MacDonald had lived in half the provinces of Canada before settling in Newfoundland and Labrador in 1998. She sent her first manuscript to a publisher in grade six, but was politely rejected. A life-long reader of science fiction and fantasy, she began writing in earnest thirty years later.

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