Ralph, Flying Hound (ebook)

Number of pages:
Publication date:
May 2022
For readers:
5 to 9
Juvenile Fiction::
Animals / Dogs
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Ralph, Flying Hound

by Dave Paddon
with illustrations by alex kolano

But with all of the things that Ralph had retrieved
There was one thing he hadn't got yet.
And being the hard-headed fellow he was
That's the one thing he just had to get.

In the tradition of Robert Service's poetic tall tales, Dave Paddon's Ralph, Flying Hound brings readers a hilarious recitation about a dog that just won't give up. Along with his canine comrades, Ralph chases anything that moves, and usually catches it too. But when his aspirations go skyward, even his four furry friends - Nance, Lucky, Spot 1 and Spot 2 - wonder if Ralph's aiming too high. Will Ralph catch that big orange duck? Will pilot Greg ever get those crazy dogs out of his hair? And how did those mutts end up in the drink?

An accomplished reciter and storyteller, Dave Paddon has crafted a fabulous "dog-bites-helicopter" tale, told with his signature warm and quirky wit, and inspired by a true story. He may be new to children's literature, but Paddon is an old hand at recitations. Five of Paddon's many recitations have been published as letterpress-printed chapbooks by Running the Goat, Books & Broadsides; The Christmas Turr and Not a Word of a Lie are perennial favourites. He's been called "the Rock Star of Newfoundland recitation writers" and this wonderful book will show reader why.

Newcomer alex kolano has created delightfully playful illustrations that bring Ralph, his friends and their adventures to life. 

Designer Veselina Tomova has pulled this all together into a fabulous illustrated book for children of all ages.

This ebook includes ALT text for print-disabled readers.

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Also available in print

What folks are saying about the print edition

  • The  was listed as one of the Top Ten Recommended Reads in the 2017 TD Summer Reading Club

"A fresh and charming narrative reminiscent of the tall-tale storytelling tradition with illustrations that are its ideal complement."
Kirkus Reviews

"Alex Kolano’s cartoon-like illustrations superbly complement the humour found in Paddon’s poetry. End material indicates that Ralph, Flying Hound is both Paddon and Kolano’s first picture book. Hopefully, it marks just the beginning of a winning collaboration... Highly Recommended."

~CM Magazine

"Dave Paddon's recitations are that strangest amalagam, creatures that are old fashioned, almost quaint, and at the same time completely contemporary and sharp as a tack. Not to be missed, in person or on the page."
~ Michael Crummey, author of Galore and Sweetland

"To the likes of Sam Clemens, Stephen Leacock, and other great humourists of the period, Robert Service must've looked like a featherweight impostor with a head full of rhymes and metre that wouldn't quit. I wonder if that's how Dave will be perceived some day. If history judges him thus, Mr. Service will be in esteemed company indeed."
~ Kevin Blackmore, performer, musician, comedian

"Dave Paddon fled all around Larbradore in ockerknockers, so I allows he knows someting about 'em. I don't know if you'll find out more about the things readin' this book, but he needs the money cause he just retired."
~ Buddy Wasisname