Rock Box, The

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10 x 8
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June 13
9 to 12
Juvenile Fiction:
Science & Nature/General

The Rock Box

by Don McKay

illustrated by Sally McKay 

You might be surprised by a piece of quarts next to the butter in the fridge, or a lump of peridotite between the cushions on the sofa. There was sandstone in the hall and lava in the bathroom. It was, Petra thought to herself, a lavatory, after all. 

Petra loves rocks, and collects them with a passion.  She keeps them in her bedroom, in the kitchen cupboards, between the cushions of the living-room sofa, even in the bathroom medicine cabinet.  Petra’s parents do not love rocks. At least, not as much as Petra does. To convince her to winnow down her collection, her parents offer her a wonderful treasure—a rock box, with a selection of the rocks and minerals found in her home province of Newfoundland and Labrador.  But, wait,  is one of those rocks winking at her?  Acclaimed Canadian poet Don McKay creates a charming tale of geology, deep time, and connection in his first children’s book. 

What Folks Are Saying

Sally McKay's illustrations in The Rock Box may turn you into a petrologist. Veteran rock hounds will enjoy the geological stories, and it would make a great gift for any potential young rock stars. ~ Atlantic Books Today

The text is engagingly informative, and never talks down, while playful imagery occupies the page with a nicely enhancing sketch-i-ness. ~Joan Sullivan, The Telegram

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