Sniger and the Floose, The

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9.8 x 9.8
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March 28, 2023
For Readers:
3 to 7
Juvenile Fiction::
Imagination and Play

The Sniger and the Floose

by Ashley Fayth

illustrated by Katie Brosnan

On a very Random Island
in the North Atlantic Sea,
some very Randomanimals
are hiding in the trees...
  • Included in the Globe and Mail's 'Globe 100' for 2023, Top Ten Picture Books and Young Adult category

In this delightful nonsense poem, Ashley Fayth introduces readers to a range of “wild and wondrous” beasts—like the sniger, the floose, the squffin, and the butterflabbit. With its playful rhymes and rollicking rhythm, this book is a perfect read-aloud. Yet even in its silliest moments, The Sniger and  the Floose is a gentle reminder to respect and preserve the beauty of the natural world around us, and a joyous celebration of imagination.  

What folks are saying

A pandemonium of portmanteaus, a raucous riot of words, a loveable crew of creatures on an unforgettable vivacious voyage. A nonsensical rollicking read-aloud for all ages. Thanks for the lip-slippery, joy-filled gibberish—The Sniger and the Floose is a new favourite of mine! ~ Sheree Fitch, author of Summer FeetMabel MurpleSleeping Dragons All Around, and more.

Ashley Fayth has created a delightful nonsense poem where readers meet a range of "wild and wondrous" beasts, including the singer, the floose, the squiffin and the butterflabbit. Katie Brosnan's illustrations provide the perfect accompaniment to Fayth's playful  rhymes and rollicking rhythm. It's a lovely reminder of how important it is to respect and preserve the beauty of the natural world. ~ Jeffrey Canton, The Globe and Mail (read the full article here)

There is nothing better than a bit of nonsense, and The Sniger and the Floose is a marvellous example of nonsense at its best. The random animals of "a very Random Island in the North Atlantic [Sea]" will delight people of all ages with its clever combinations of perfectly paced text and mind-boggling art. You'll meet creatures of the land, sea and air, none of them ever photographed, all of them shown in Katie Brosnan's clever painting. The porpazelle, the hippopotipanda, the jelly figeon; they're all here to delight the young naturalist. What fun it would be to read this and take a small person of imagination on a nature walk, speculating about where the various creatures might be hiding. ~ Jean Graham, The Northeast Avalon Times

Classroom Connection: Children will delight in this as a read-aloud book and can be asked to identify the names of the made-up animals illustrated. Comparing the made-up animals to the real names of animals will help them identify spelling patterns and serve as a template as they creatively make up their own random animals with words and pictures. As they come to the respectful rules of engaging with animals in the wild they can add to this list and suggest other rules to protect living things from human interference. ~ Betty Schultze, Canadian Teacher Magazine 

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