Turk's Gut Wolf

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7½ x 6 when folded into the cover; unfolds to 18 inches wide
Publication date:
December, 2003

by Mark Callanan
with original illustration by Lori Doody

The second in our poemphlet series featured Mark Callanan’s compelling poem about the hunt for a wolf in outport Newfoundland and Lori Doody’s fine, witty image. It included a phantom paw… look closely!

A poem, a pamphlet, a print – this occasional series is a collaborative coming together of writer, artist and printer. I solicited a poem from Mark and asked Lori to provide a response to the poem, rather than an illustration of it. The resulting image was made into a photoengraving that could be printed on the printing press. Poem and image reside together, gather and exchange meanings. The shape and feel and look of the whole grow out of that exchange.

Printed in an edition limited to 150, numbered and signed by author and artist. The type is 14 pt Fournier, hand-set by Marnie Parsons; the papers are Arches Text and Fabriano Cover. Includes gocco printing.