Visitors to the Shop

Over the years, many people have dropped by the print shop to help out, learn to set type, give the handpress a go, or just take a tour.  Here’s a rogues’ gallery, featuring some of them. (Note: many of these photos show our first facility on Mullock Street in St. John’s.)

Want to join this motley crew?  Drop by! Visitors are always welcome; you can find directions and details here.  Interested in workshops, volunteer opportunities or group tours? Contact the press.


Wood-engraver Abigail Rorer finds
a new place to dwell.


Printmaker Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. leads
a workshop on printing posters.


Goat-ologist Brian Gilliam
pulls his first proof.

visitors-rodney.jpgRodney de Vries, a violin maker and artist,
prints letterpress labels for
his handcrafted violins.

Crispin Elsted of Barbarian Press sets up
the newly-arrived Imperial Iron Handpress.

visitors-rosanna.jpgSummer helper Rosanna Pierson
sets type by hand.

visitors-agnes-bernice-frances-ml.jpgAgnes Walsh, Bernice Morgan, her sister Frances,
and Mary-Lynn Bernard attend the
grand opening of the Tors Cove Printshop.


Agnes Juhasz-Ormsby visits the Mullock Street
printshop with her book history class.

visitors-andy-cw-class.jpgAndy Jones brings students from his
creative writing class, including poet
Michelle Porter, for a class visit.


Master printer Jan Elsted of Barbarian
leads a workshop about make-ready,
as two Jacks (Eastwood and Botsford) look on.


Members of the Atlantic Craft Alliance visit,
and have a bit of a sing along.

visitors-jennifer-e1442357178617.jpgJennifer Morgan works on the illustrations
The Dragon’s Song.


Duncan Major demonstrates the Heidelberg
press at the grand opening of
the Tors Cove Printshop.

visitors-mary-anne-cree.jpgMary Anne Cree plays printer’s devil.


Don McKay inspects the newly-arrived
Imperial Iron Handpress.


Rachel Dragland handles sales
during the printshop’s grand opening.

visitors-ellen-power.jpgHigh school student Ellen Power learns
to print as part of a work term experience
for St. Bonaventure’s school.