Waste Ground

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6 3/4 x 5 3/4
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June 2017

Waste Ground

What a falling off here.
Hippocrates' crony,
soother of kidneys—
you and your demure blue.
Then the long slide
down to gutters and mothers’ ruin—
that delirium, that

– "Juniper" from Waste Ground

 In this thirteen poem sequence, acclaimed poet Mary Dalton celebrates some of the more over-looked and under-loved plants that bless Newfoundland and Labrador's landscape. Joe Pye Weed, nettles, hops, parsley: seldom are such homely plants so beautifully sung. There's sauce and sparkle to these poems, rooted in Dalton's love of plants and her fascination with the folk lore and local use that has grown up around them.

Abigail Rorer's engravings, witty, wry and often dark, are the perfect compliment to Dalton's poems.

Letterpress printed and hand sewn in an edition of not more than 250 copies.

Includes three full page engravings, and one spot engraving.

Printed on Zerkall Book, with end papers of Matsuo Kozo; the cover paper is St. Armand Bougainvillia.



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