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Bud Davidge (CA)

Mummer's Song, The

Mummer's Song, The

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On a cold, clear Newfoundland night shortly after Christmas, several outlandishly costumed mummers appear, and Granny's house suddenly erupts in a burst of joking and tomfoolery, raucous singing and exuberant dancing. Granny and her two young charges are instantly caught up in the merriment. When the evening's festivities come to a close, the mummers bid a fond farewell until next year.

Popular singer Bud Davidge wrote "The Mummer's Song" as a tribute to a centuries-old custom in danger of disappearing. Since its publication in 1973, it has fostered a revival of mummering, as noted author and Newfoundland son Kevin Major points out in his afterword.

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Bud Davidge is a popular singer-songwriter from Newfoundland who has recorded many albums for children and young adults. He lives in English Harbour West, Newfoundland.

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