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Joel Hynes (CA)

Say Nothing Saw Wood

Say Nothing Saw Wood

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Jude Traynor has served his time in prison and now he's heading back to his hometown on the Southern Shore of Newfoundland. But first, he has to come to terms with who he was and what happened one night, years before, when he was barely seventeen years old.

Joel Thomas Hynes's stunning exploration of guilt and remorse, of love and regret, received raves as an award-winning stage play; this is the novella that inspired the play, available at last in print. Hynes's pitch perfect ear for voice and his remarkable sense of dramatic cadence combine to form a story of great power and ultimately great humanity. This is Newfoundland Gothic at its best.

Cover image and other drawings by Gerald L. Squires.

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Running the Goat


Actor/writer/director/musician Joel Thomas Hynes is the award-winning author of the novels Down to the Dirt, Right Away Monday, and We'll All Be Burnt in Our Beds Some Night; acclaimed stage plays; a notoriously cheek manifesto; and a collection of poetic non-fiction. Born in Calvert, Newfoundland, he lives in Toronto.

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