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Adele Poynter (CA)

Dancing in a Jar

Dancing in a Jar

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Based on a true story, Dancing in a Jar elaborates on the real-life love affair of a young couple who leave New York City to live in the outport community of St. Lawrence, Newfoundland, during the Great Depression when the husband, Don Poynter, accepts a management position in the town’s fluorspar mine. In a series of letters, some fictional and some real, Adele Poynter weaves a remarkable romantic tale through the life of a small mining town—capturing the sorrow and joyousness, the hardship and perseverance—to ultimately reveal how the loves of our lives are inherently united with our love of a landscape.

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Adele Poynter was born and raised in Newfoundland but also has strong American family ties. After living in other countries, she returned to Newfoundland in the mid 80’s where she has worked as a geologist and an economist. This is her first novel.

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