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Aaron McInnis (CA)

Happy Belly: The cake book

Happy Belly: The cake book

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A fun, non-traditional approach to baking cakes and treats from the creator of Man versus Cake.

Happy Belly: The Cake Book is a collection of recipes from internationally recognized blogger, nutritionist, and pastry chef Aaron McInnis. This book is filled with tips, tricks, and secrets to successful cake making from the owner of Happy Belly Cakery and the online learning space Man versus Cake. As a firm believer that a great base recipe is all you need to be successful, Chef Aaron guides you on a journey through cakes and cupcakes, from popular candy bars and classic flavour pairings to holiday treats, unconventional flavours, and more.

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Aaron McInnis owns the custom cake studio Happy Belly Cakery and the blog Man versus Cake. A certified nutritionist, Aaron is also a father of three boys—he believes in deconstructing the idea that men belong under a car or up a ladder and that fancy baking is for women. As a participant in the Food Network’s Spring Baking Championship, Aaron placed fifth out of ten contestants, stretching his imagination and creativity to new dimensions. He competed in Christmas Cookie Challenge (season 2, episode 4) and was crowned winner and Christmas Cookie Champion. He also participated in Winner Cake All. He is an occasional contributor to American Cake Decorating. Aaron is passionate about his work, seeking every opportunity to better the world through cake and to empower cakers, bakers, and sweet-treat makers globally.

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