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Meghan Greeley (CA)



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A play about currency during wartime, survival, and the power dynamic between protectors and the protected.

In an isolated farmhouse during a period of ethnic cleansing, Johanna and Max attempt to perform an act of selflessness by hiding two persecuted individuals, a musician and a scholar, in an alcove behind their walls. When the money runs out, they are forced to take in a third refugee, a little girl whose father is willing to pay handsomely for her safety. But the alcove isn’t big enough for three, and as the war outside reaches a deafening climax, hunger reduces the protectors and the protected alike to a surreal state of desperation.

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Meghan Greeley is a writer, performer, and director originally from Corner Brook, NL. Her work has been widely published, including in The Breakwater Book of Contemporary Newfoundland Plays (Vol. 1) and the Playwrights Canada Press anthology Long Story Short. She was a 2016 nominee for the RBC Tarragon Emerging Playwrights Prize and completed artist residencies at the Tarragon Playwrights Unit and Nightwood Theatre’s Write from the Hip program. Her stage plays have been produced in Toronto, Halifax, and Calgary, and across Newfoundland.

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