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Amanda Dorothy Jean Bulman (CA)



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IsThisAnOlogy? is a journey of discovery! Andie interviews different “ologists” and learns all about different types of science.

IsThisAnOlogy? explores big jobs, big science, and the biggest questions. Learn about fossils, bird migration, beekeeping, the science behind making food delicious, and the chemistry involved in cheese making. IsThisAnOlogy? features illustrations, interviews, comics, photographs, charts, recipes, and experiments you can try at home. Science can be a fun hands-on activity! 

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Amanda Dorothy Jean Bulman is a chef, writer, librarian, citizen scientist, and stand-up comic. She works closely with Little Green Thumbs and Agriculture in the Classroom and is the founder of Yes, Chef, a non-profit that brings sustainability, foraging, farming, and food into elementary school classrooms. Amanda hosts a segment on CBC’s Here and Now entitled “Food and Fun” and hosted two children’s television shows on Bell Fibe in 2021. She lives in beautiful Newfoundland with her basset hound. Amanda’s cookbook and foraging guide, Salt Beef Buckets: A Love Story, was released in 2021.

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