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Robin Durnford (CA)



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Gaptoothed steps into the voided spaces and fissures that disrupt our sense of identity and obscure our connections to a world that otherwise seemed our own. Chronicling the alienating effects of the death of family members and her disorienting unmooring from her Newfoundland home, her culture, and her history, Durnford’s autobiographical poems inhabit gaps that left so much of her experience unnamed, unspoken, and missing. While confronting significant matters like death, adolescence, gender inequality, and the instability of history, Durnford retains an ear for language’s wildness, resulting in poems as vigorous, playful, and brash as an open-mouthed laugh.

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Robin Durnford has published two books of poetry, A Lovely Gutting and Half Rock, which was shortlisted for the E.J. Pratt prize. Her work has appeared in Grain, CV2, The Antigonish Review, The New Quarterly, Riddle Fence, The Independent, and The Evening Telegram. She is originally from Newfoundland and lives in Montreal.

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