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shalan joudry (CA)

Waking Ground

Waking Ground

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Waking Ground connects the social and ecological challenges our communities face with the unresolved legacy of Canada’s settlement and its ongoing impact on the lives of Indigenous people. Attuned to language, landscape, and legacy, Shalan Joudry’s insightful and candid poems bring forward stories that speak to the resilience of Mi’kmaw culture and the collective work of healing and reconciliation that lies before us all.

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Shalan Joudry is a narrative artist, ecologist, and mother, as well as a poet, playwright, podcaster, oral storyteller, actor, and cultural interpreter. She lives with her family in their community of L’sɨtkuk (Bear River First Nation, Nova Scotia). Her first book of poetry, Generations Re-merging, was published in 2014.

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