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Sylvia D. Hamilton (CA)



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The poems in Tender chronicle the experiences of Black people, especially of Black women, in their quest for self- determination and their desire to live full, complex, unencumbered lives. Employing her skills as a documentary filmmaker, Hamilton combines reclaimed historical accounts, memories and stories to engage subjects such as intergenerational trauma, racial violence, the silencing of girls and women, and the loss of children. Running throughout her work is a yearning for genuine equality and freedom, and an understanding that a better future begins with engaging honestly with our past.

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Sylvia D. Hamilton is a writer, filmmaker and artist, whose poetry collection And I Alone Escaped to Tell You (Gaspereau Press 2014), was a finalist for the Nova Scotia Masterworks Award and the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award. Her honours include the Portia White Prize, the 2019 Governor General’s History Award for Popular Media and the 2021 Luminary Award given by the Documentary Organization of Canada’s. She is an Inglis Professor Emeritus at the University of King’s College in Halifax.

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