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Sean Howard (CA)



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Trinity uses experimental techniques such as collage, cut-up, erasure, and the (re)mixing of texts to explore three landmark works by the poet, novelist, and iconoclastic scholar Robert Graves: The White Goddess, The Greek Myths, and the famous Great War memoir Goodbye to All That. Inspired by Graves’s commitment to working with the “broken images” of a shattered world, Howard’s interlocking, dreamscape sequences pay creative tribute to the fierce, questing faith at the heart of the texts: a defiant fidelity to the deep, magical logic and restorative power of poetry and myth, even in an age of mass destruction, war on nature and perverted ‘progress.’

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Sean Howard is the author of four books of poetry, Local Calls (2009), Incitements (2011), The Photographer’s Last Picture (2016) and Ghost Estates (2018). As well as appearing in numerous literary journals, his work has been featured in The Best Canadian Poetry in English in both 2011 and 2014. Howard lives in Main-à-Dieu, Cape Breton, and is an adjunct professor of political science at Cape Breton University.

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