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Sam Hutchinson

Animal Habitats

Animal Habitats

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Introduce young nature lovers to the wonders of ecology as they explore the earth's most amazing and unusual regions—colorful coral reefs, frozen polar seas, dense, leafy rain forests, and more—and meet the unique animals that call them home. In a world filled with marvelous creatures great and small, astounding discoveries can be found in Sarah Dennis's enchanting, intricate cut-paper illustrations. Readers learn how food webs sustain incredible birds, beasts, fishes, and insects and the ingenious ways that plants and animals adapt to the varied ecosystems of our diverse planet.

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Princeton Architectural Press


Sam Hutchinson is the publisher of a small, independent children's publishing company in London.

Sarah Dennis is an artist whose work combines traditional paper cutting with collage. Her previous book, Animal Camouflage, won the 2016 Junior Design Award for best emerging talent, children's illustrator.

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