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Marc Millon

Italy in a Wineglass: The story of Italy through its wines

Italy in a Wineglass: The story of Italy through its wines

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“Compulsory reading” - The International Wine Review

A leading travel writer guides readers on a sumptuous journey through time and flavor to understand how and why wine transformed Italy . . .

“It’s not often that a wine writer can engross and enthrall you with the history of a culture where wine merely plays its part along with many other players. Marc Millon does this absorbingly and impressively, telling the intriguing, exasperating, but ultimately optimistic story of Italy and its wines.” —OZ CLARKE, author of The History of Wine in 100 Bottles

The world is enamored with Italy: its culture, art, food, and fashion, its beautiful landscapes, and famous cities—and, of course, its wine.

From the ancient Greeks to the Medici, and from fascism to feminism, Italy has always been entwined with wine. Through the millennia, it has been a celebratory libation at great events, given solace in times of despair, and fortified warriors before battle. Whether Possessioni Rosso, still made by descendants of Dante; Barolo “Lazzarito,” from a wine estate founded by the son of Italy’s first king; or Terre Rosse di Giabbascio, pressed from grapes grown on ex-Mafia land, the peninsula’s wines provide an intoxicating insight into the ideas, events, and personalities that shaped Italian history.

If history can sometimes be throat-achingly dry, writer and wine expert Marc Millon serves up a delightfully fresh take on Italy’s past, present, and future, best enjoyed with a glass in hand.

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Marc Millon has been travelling, eating, drinking, learning and writing about wine, food and travel for nearly 40 years. 

Marc is the author of 14 books and has been published on both sides of the Atlantic. Marc also writes for Food & Travel Magazine, and he formerly had a monthly wine column for many years in Italy Magazine. He is a certified Vinitaly International Academy Italian Wine Ambassador and regularly lectures and hosts gastronomic cultural tours in Italy, France and England with Martin Randall Travel. His regular weekly podcast, ‘Wine, Food and Travel with Marc Millon,’ on the Italian Wine Podcast channel regularly attracting several thousands of listens per show. He has extensive contacts within the world of Italian wine and culture, as well as in the world of wine, food and travel.

When he is not on the road,  he lives on the River Exe in Topsham, Devon, England.

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