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Annamarie Beckel (CA)

Weaving Water

Weaving Water

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Weaving Water is a novel about otters, healing the human heart, and finding hope for an imperilled Earth.Ecologist Beth Meyer has lost hope for the future of the Earth. Still she yearns to do something that matters. Just days after she ventures into the Newfoundland wilderness to study river otters, she meets her contrary neighbour, Mattie MacKenzie, who has lived there for eighty years. Living in a world filled with secrets and magic, Mattie confounds Beth's scientific understanding at every turn. Ungrounded, Beth finds herself pulled inexorably toward an affair with Mattie's nephew, Dan.Beth soon discovers that there is far more to the world than meets the Western scientific eye. There is mystery - unknowing. Hope, both for the Earth and for herself, lives in the heart of the mystery that is wilderness.

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Annamarie Beckel conducted behavioural research on river otters for her doctoral thesis - and has remained forever enchanted. Formerly from St. John's, she lives on the Otonabee River in Ontario, where she watches otters and other wild creatures from both her kayak and her living room. Weaving Water is her fourth novel.

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