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Laura Deal (CA)

How Nivi Got Her Names

How Nivi Got Her Names

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Nivi has always known that her names were special, but she does not know where they came from. So, one sunny afternoon, Nivi decides to ask her mom how she got her names. The stories of the people Nivi is named after lead her to an understanding of traditional Inuit naming practices and knowledge of what those practices mean to Inuit. How Nivi Got Her Names is an easy-to-understand introduction to traditional Inuit naming, with a story that touches on Inuit custom adoption.

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Laura Deal lives in Iqaluit, Nunavut, and is originally from Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia. She enjoys writing and many other forms of creative arts. She believes it is important for children, like her daughter, to see their own stories reflected in the pages of Northern-based storybooks. Laura is the author of In the Sky at Nighttime, The Ugly Place, and How Nivi Got Her Names, which is also available as a short film.

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