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Ray Mackey (CA)

Chasing Newfoundland

Chasing Newfoundland

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Newfoundland is a place that simply can never be caught, but that has not stopped Ray Mackey from chasing her. He is in the office when he is travelling the back roads and remote coves and villages of the province. His eye for beauty imbues each photograph with a quality not easily given over to words. This remarkable collection does justice to one of the world's most unique landscapes.

From Fogo to St. John's to St Lunaire-Griquet and towns and villages up and down the coast, Mackey catches glimpses of this magnificent island like no photographer has caught her before. Newfoundland is in Ray Mackey's blood, and Chasing Newfoundland is his love letter to the province. Come along and chase Newfoundland with him. 

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Ray Mackey is a Fine Art landscape and adventure photographer/artist, who was born and raised in Admirals Cove, on the southern shore of the Avalon Peninsula. Currently based in the town of Paradise, near St. John?s, Mackey is an avid outdoors enthusiast and spends the majority of his time travelling and photographing Newfoundland.

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