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K. R. Byggdin (CA)

Wonder World

Wonder World

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WINNER, Thomas Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award

Wonder World is a look at a part of the country not often written about (Casey Plett's work and Miriam Toews' come to mind - these places do exist in literature, just not widely) and a wonderful contribution to the queer literary landscape. I'll be on the lookout for what Byggdin writes next." - Tara-Michelle Ziniuk, ROOM Magazine
Twenty-seven-year-old Isaac Funk is broke, drifting, and questioning his lonely existence on the East Coast. Having left his conservative hometown of Newfield, Manitoba full of piss and vinegar, Isaac's dreams of studying music and embracing queer culture in Halifax have gradually fizzled out. When his grandfather dies and leaves him a substantial inheritance, Isaac is pulled back to the Prairies for the first time in ten years.
Finding his father Abe just as enigmatic and unreachable as always and his extended family more fragmented than ever, Isaac begins to wonder if there will ever be a place for him in Newfield.
Is the prodigal son home for good, or is it time to cut and run once more?

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K.R. Byggdin grew up on the Prairies and now lives on the East Coast. They recently completed studies in English and Creative Writing at Dalhousie University. Their writing has appeared in anthologies and journals across Canada, the UK, and New Zealand. Wonder World is their first novel.

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