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Doretta Groenendyk (CA)



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It's pedal to the metal reading fun with this vibrantly illustrated, road-tripping adventure story. When the school bus is late, no need to panic, just hop on a truck. There are plenty of options: fire truck, dump truck, garbage truck...and more! Vehicle loving children will fill up their tanks reading this zany, ride-along tale.

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Doretta, a painter, writer and teacher, lives with her husband and three children on a small spot of land in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia. She is the author and illustrator of Snow for Christmas, and Thank you for My Bed, both of which were shortlisted for the Lillian Shepherd Memorial Award for Illustration. Her other titles include Step Outside, I'm Writing a Story, and Bully 101. She is also the co-author of Spin to Sea with her daughter, Izra Fitch.

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