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Maura Hanrahan (CA)



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Twenty-seven dead. Staggering property losses.

Triggered by an offshore earthquake on the Grand Banks, a tsunami unleashed its fury on the coastline of the Burin Peninsula of Newfoundland, killing twenty-seven people and destroying homes and fishing premises in fifty outports.

Here is the dramatic, incredible story of the South Coast Disaster of 1929, the superhuman efforts of Nurse Dorothy Cherry to save the sick and dying, and Magistrate Malcolm Hollett’s tireless campaign to rebuild shattered lives and devastated communities.

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Maura Hanrahan is the award-winning author of nine books, including The Alphabet Fleet: The Pride of the Newfoundland Coastal Service, Domino: The Eskimo Coast Disaster, Tsunami: The Newfoundland Tidal Wave Disaster—a Canadian Bestseller—and the East Coast favourite, The Doryman. She works as an independent anthropologist on Aboriginal issues throughout Canada. From St. John's, she co-owns HB Creativity, a full-service research and writing company. Maura has a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics.

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