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Jiin Kim (CA)

Lore Isle

Lore Isle

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A middle-grade fantasy that follows a young boy into a magical land of mummers, sprites, fairies, and murderous pitcher plants in an attempt to save his home — and his family.

Everyone knows there are no wolves in Newfoundland.

Peter's grandfather has told him so many times. But when Peter spots a wolf-like creature in the woods one day, he isn't sure what to believe.

When Peter's grandfather dies suddenly, a strange man who calls himself Mr. Doyle comes to the funeral claiming to have known Grandpa. Mr. Doyle also claims that he can help Peter get enough gold to save his house — a house that Peter's mom can't leave without having a panic attack. Willing to do anything to save his house and help his mom, Peter soon sets out with Mr. Doyle to Lore Isle, a land of mummers, sprites, fairies, and murderous pitcher plants.

Enthralled with the fantastical island, Peter comes to realize that not all is as it seems, including the mysterious Mr. Doyle... An imaginative debut, accented with darkly whimsical illustrations, Lore Isle is filled with magical twists and turns sure to surprise readers on every page.

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Jiin Kim was born in Seoul, Korea; grew up in Toronto, Ontario; and raised her children in St. John's, Newfoundland. She has a degree in Fine Art from the University of Toronto and has two jobs she loves — working at the library and teaching group fitness classes. Jiin is making a cardboard village for her two delightful rescue rabbits in hopes of gaining their affection. Lore Isle is her first novel.

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