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Chris Ryan

Working Cape Race

Working Cape Race

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Rory O’Ryan and Butch Hynes, from Cappahayden on the Southern Shore of Newfoundland, have neither family life or guidance and have depended on each other since they were children. Rory is the smarter of the two; Butch is not so bright. They start selling a little marijuana and hashish up and down the Southern Shore until Rory decides to go bigger with their little enterprise and realizes they need their own set of wheels.

When they finally get a car, Butch plans an armed robbery at Scotiabank in the town of Goulds for a one-time big haul of cash and unintentionally gets Rory involved. After the robbery and an unsuccessful police chase, the two end up at the bottom of Shoal Bay Road.

Before they turn themselves into the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Ferryland. Rory and Butch have to get to Cape Race Road in Portugal Cove South to get to a large stash of drugs they have buried before one of Rory’s pushers takes the drugs. The only possible way of getting to the stash unseen is by walking on the traditional footpaths during the day and walking through communities at night.

What begins as a walk in the woods soon deteriorates into a series of challenges and adversities that require flexibility and innovative thinking before the pair emerge from the trail, older but not necessarily wiser.

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Chris Ryan


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