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Adam Karlin

Luna and the Heart of the Forest

Luna and the Heart of the Forest

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Follow the adventures of Luna and a cast of ghosts and folkloric beings, including a redemption-seeking Viking, a friendly whale, and a murderous bog monster!

Luna is eleven years old and obsessed with adventure. While visiting the island of Newfoundland, Luna finally has a chance to explore a setting as big as her imagination, but her father, a roving journalist and widower, doesn’t want her straying too far. Ignoring his caution, Luna sets off on her own and enters a mysterious forest, where she bests a monster in a battle of wits—and unleashes a creeping darkness that devours her father. Now she must embark on a real quest: to heal the island, the ghosts that haunt it, and the people she cares about most.

Luna and the Heart of the Forest is a dark fantasy brimming with ghosts and folklore immersed in the saltwater of the Canadian Atlantic. 

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Adam Karlin was born in Washington, DC, and raised in rural Southern Maryland. As a journalist he has written on war, politics, crime, archaeology, history, and the environment, but fantasy is his first literary love, and Luna and the Heart of the Forest is his first novel. In his spare time, Adam balances a love of being outdoors with intense indoor jags of reading, tabletop RPGs, and video games, but he likes to enjoy all of the above with his wife, daughter, and son.

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