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Greg F. Naterer (CA)

Called by Mother Earth: A Father's Search for His Son

Called by Mother Earth: A Father's Search for His Son

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This raw and intimate memoir takes us inside the mind of a father who embarked on a ten-month journey through rugged and remote terrain in British Columbia in search of his missing son.

After setting out on a hike on Frosty Mountain on October 10, 2020, twenty-five-year-old Jordan Naterer disappeared. By the time authorities were alerted and the search was underway, the season’s first snow storm arrived at higher elevations, concealing the route he had taken. This memoir follows Jordan’s father, Greg, as he navigates grief, time, and the mountain wilderness of British Columbia in search of his missing son. 

From learning the scope of the logistics involved in a large-scale search-and-rescue effort to experiencing the range of emotions of a determined father and family on a near-impossible quest, the reader will not only follow Greg’s 1,600 km journey on- and off-trail in Manning Park, but will also meet Tmxwulaxw—also called Mother Earth—who guided Naterer throughout.  

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Dr. Greg F. Naterer is the Vice-President, Academic and Research at the University of Prince Edward Island. Previously he was the dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science and a professor of mechanical engineering at Memorial University in St. John’s. He was the chair of Canada’s National Council of Deans of Engineering and Applied Science. Dr. Naterer and his wife, Josie, have three adult children, including Jordan. 

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