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Nicole Lundrigan (CA)

Unravelling Avra

Unravelling Avra

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After her eccentric mother's death, young Arva House moves to a close-knit outport with hopes of escaping the past that plagues her. But tangled rumors follow, and she soon becomes the object of speculation. Craving a sense of stability, Arva makes hasty choices, and finds herself enmeshed in a net laden with deceit, infidelity, and latent hostility. Only when the man she thought she loved takes her apart, does she realize that all of her unique features somehow fit together to form a whole.

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Nicole Lundrigan grew up in Upper Gullies, NL. After receiving an MSc in Anthropology from the University of Toronto, she began freelance writing for a variety of publications including Reader’s Digest, Mothering: The Natural Family Living Magazine, Law and Order: Police Management, and the Halifax Daily Herald. She resides in Ontario with her husband and three children. The Seary Line is her third novel.

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