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Joel Thomas Hynes (CA)

Straight Razor Days

Straight Razor Days

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*Straight Razor Days* takes an unflinching look at masculinity and its shifting codes in 21st c. Newfoundland. Fathers and sons, grandfathers and grandsons, police on the beat, strangers on the run, drunks in bars; God-fearing men, men with manifestos; lost and found men. "[Hynes] has a fine ear for the inflections of voice. His dialogue is littered with colloquialisms, which add authenticity, but aren't laid on too thick. Hynes's writing possesses a seamless emotional fluency, vividly capturing fleeting yet significant moments between friends and lovers. This is a full-blooded, psychologically incisive piece of writing." - The Guardian

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Joel Hynes was born in 1976 and raised in Calvert, Newfoundland. His poetry and short stories have been published with TickleAce, The Backyards of Heaven-Irish/Newfoundland Anthology, and With an Image of Grace. A number of them have also been featured on CBC Radio. He has written and directed one short film and co-wrote The Devil You Don’t Know, a highly acclaimed stage version of Down to the Dirt. Down to the Dirt was recently awarded the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts and Letters Association's Percy Janes First Novel Award. His second novel, Right Away Monday, is due to release in Spring 2007 with HarperCollins Canada.

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