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Deannie Sullivan-Fraser (CA)

Johnny and the Gipsy Moth

Johnny and the Gipsy Moth

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Johnny and his family have moved from the big city to Bishop Falls. Finally, he finds the courage to ask strangers to play. His worst fears are realized though, when the local boys make fun of him and his "fancy" clothes. The postman intervenes, handing Johnny a parcel. He brings it to his father who shows him a picture of a Gipsy Moth, a bi-plane, and hands him a white silk scarf. The rest, his father promises, will be a big surprise. And what a surprise it is! Shortly after, a Gipsy Moth comes in for a landing in a nearby field. It is piloted, he discovers, by his uncle, Arthur Sullivan, who takes him up on a great adventure. Johnny is no longer an outsider. What he does next, however, is what makes him a hero.

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Deannie Sullivan-Fraser's is the author of a family musical, Time Shadows, where she wrote the play and the music. One of the songs, Making Tracks was recorded for Sesame Street. Two other songs, I Had a Place and You're my World have been recorded by the Ontario group, Arane. Deannie is taking her Masters in Atlantic Canada Studies at St. Mary's University in Halifax. She is currently writing her thesis, Home Medicine of Rose Blanche, Newfoundland. Deannie has also written articles for The Chronicle Herald and The Daily News and various other publications. She has worked as an associate producer, production assistant and researcher for CBC Radio's Mainstreet, a researcher for Vision's Reinventing Rituals, Marrying Well, Street Cents, Land & Sea and CBC special documentaries series, as well as historical feature film, Butterbox Babies. Johnny and the Gipsy Moth is based on an amazing event in her young father's life.

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