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Dave Paddon (CA)

Ralph, Flying Hound

Ralph, Flying Hound

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In the tradition of Robert Service's poetic tall tales, Dave Paddon's Ralph, Flying Hound brings readers a hilarious recitation about a dog that just won't give up. Along with his canine comrades, Ralph chases anything that moves, and usually catches it too. But when his aspirations go skyward, even his four furry friends—Nance, Lucky, Spot 1 and Spot 2—wonder if Ralph's aiming too high. Will Ralph catch that big orange duck? Will pilot Greg ever get those crazy dogs out of his hair? And how did those mutts end up in the drink?

An accomplished reciter and storyteller, Dave Paddon has crafted a fabulous "dog-bites-helicopter" tale, told with his signature warm and quirky wit and inspired by a true story. He may be new to children's literature circles, but Dave Paddon is an old hand at recitations; he's been called "the Rock Star of Newfoundland recitation writers" and this wonderful book will show readers why. Newcomer alex kolano has created delightfully playful illustrations that bring Ralph, his friends and their adventures to life.

Ralph, Flying Hound will catch the hearts of readers young and old.

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A retired airline pilot Dave Paddon is originally from Northwest River, Labrador. He grew up listening to the songs and stories of the trappers and attending late night “sessions” around many a kitchen table. He began writing his original recitations in 2007, and has now more than thirty to his credit, which he regularly preforms at festivals and fundraisers. Several have been published in print and audio format. Dave lives in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.

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